We mourn the loss of Juliane Noack

We mourn the loss of Juliane Noack. 1984-2015. Speachless.
Dear Jule. Farewell. We will miss you so much.

Daniel Kruger, Professor of the Schmuckklasse at Burg Giebichenstein, Academy of Art, Halle has written an obituary for Juliane Noack. The english version was first published at Art Jewelry Forum. A german version can be found at the gallery-website.

In Memory of Juliane Noack


Juliane Noack, Foto: Jörg Lipskoch

Juliane Noack, Foto: Jörg Lipskoch

From the obituary by Daniel Kruger: “Juliane Noack’s interests spanned jewelry making, music, experimental fashion and design, and figurative sculpture. An excellent draftsperson, Juliane had an unusual facility for understanding and implementing skills of all kinds: She could make whatever she wanted and never stinted on the time and effort required. She applied the same intense energy to life in general as she did to her artistic pursuits. Her slogan was, “Los, wir machen das jetzt!” (Come on, let’s do it now!).”