Kathrin Borst, Rebecca Lomfeld, Anija Seedler | 5 -27|6|2015

Exhibition: 5th – 27th june 2015
Vernissage: thursday, 4th june, 19 h

Galerie Katrin Eitner at
Exhibition Room Claudia Hartwig
Elberfelder Str. 35
10555 Berlin


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Galerie Katrin Eitner is a moving gallery in temporary spaces. From 4th june to 31th august 2015 you may find Galerie Katrin Eitner at Exhibibition Room C. Hartwig, Elberfelder Str. 35, 10555 Berlin. (>> Google Maps)
(Opening times during exhibitions: Wednesday to Friday 15-18 h, Saturday 13-18 h. And by appointment.)